Friday, May 16, 2008

Solar Lounge Table

Although there are many projects involving the development of devices that produce renewable energy. Solar panels are not very efficient, but it’s the first step to a clean Earth and they are relatively cheap and easy to replace. Their drawback is that for the moment they can’t compete against fossil fuels therefore not many love them (I think these people don’t care about Earth).

If we can’t produce enough energy to power an entire city, at least we can produce energy to power our gadgets and electronic devices. One interesting idea is the SOLo Lounge Table which charges your gadgets with renewable energy. SOLo Lounge Table was designed by Intelligent Forms and it’s basically a solar power work table. Now, it’s easier for you and you have to love the fact that you will power your laptop directly from the table that you are working on.

More of a design concept than a practical idea, but interesting. Via

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