Monday, March 26, 2012

Amazing water-powered gadgets

6. • HydroWind – A portable water/wind powered generator for campers:

Designed by Ange Solomon, the HydroWind is a wind turbine that can also work in water, generating hydroelectricity. To accomplish these two tasks simultaneously, the charger has been made waterproof. The package contains a folding waterproof mill with a magnetic bobbin that generates electricity at 12 volts, which can be used to power small devices and small lighting systems.

8. • ECOLight shower cabin light runs on hydro power:

The ECOlight by Sylvania is a water-powered LED shower head. Designed to cater to a sustainable lifestyle, the light comes with temperature sensors. The LED glows blue for temperatures less than 78 degrees Fahrenheit and red for temperatures greater than 105.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

11. • Mini Hydro Turbine water powered gadget charger:

Designed by Jin Woohan, the Mini Hydro Turbine is a mini water turbine that uses water pressure to power up a turbine, which eventually generates enough electricity for you to power your cellphones or other portable electronic gear with. The electricity generated can either be used directly by connecting the turbine to a wall outlet or can be used to charge batteries for future use.

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