Monday, December 20, 2010

This Solar Charger Runs Devices Directly | EarthTechling

This Solar Charger Runs Devices Directly

"According to Suntactics, its new PC5 unit is different from other portable solar chargers in that it doesn’t send power to an internal battery that then charges your device. Competing products, Suntastics says, “are literally charging a battery from a battery. The solar panels on them are too weak to charge the USB handheld device directly.” Not so with the PC5: “The PC5 solar charger has 5 watts of solar power potential as compared the ~2 watts in most of the other chargers. The PC5 will not only charge the USB handheld device, it will run it on dead batteries.”
Portable solar charger, SunTactics, PC5"

Portable solar charger, SunTactics, PC5

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